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The Wessel Flute

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The Wessel Flute

We are proud to announce that the stunning Wessel flutes are now back in full production and offer the discerning player the unique opportunity to own  one of the most remarkable handmade flutes available today.

It has been a lifelong ambition of Stephen Wessel to offer an instrument of the highest expressive potential coupled with physical beauty and mechanical reliability. Working originally alongside the silversmith and head joint maker John Webb, Stephen has gradually refined the design over the past 40 years, in the process overturning some traditional features in favour of innovation, improvement and attention to detail. The goal was a modern version of the Louis Lot. Several players have drawn a very favourable comparison.

Many celebrated players have enjoyed owning and performing on these flutes for a long time at the highest level and it is our honour to continue production of these distinguished instruments.  Under the watchful eye of Stephen and lovingly handmade by our small team of highly skilled craftsmen, we are ensuring that production of these wonderful instruments will continue for many years to come.

The construction of each flute harnesses the most advanced state of the art techniques in keywork manufacture available today. This warrants precision, consistency and reliability of the highest standard, second to none.

The marine grade stainless steel mechanism used on our flutes provides a strong lightweight alternative to traditional non-ferrous metals. Hardened rods and point screws offer a high degree of wear resistance. The use of steel mechanism on a silver tube is unique and allows the flute greater acoustic flexibility and response. The black cast acrylic key inlays add further lightness, a distinctive appearance and secure touch to a finely balanced and positive action.  

Our silver tubes are the heart of the instrument and are entirely handmade to help create the responsive and resonant tone quality for which Wessel flutes are renowned. Pairing the Wessel flute body with your preferred head joint gives you the player total control and allows you to discover your ultimate musical voice.

Wessel flute pictured with Mancke headjoint

The Body Tube

Each flute body is individually handmade in our Sussex workshop with silver brazed tone holes and mouldings to preserve the acoustic integrity of the tube. Our body tubes are produced from 925 Sterling silver with a 14 gauge (.014”)wall thickness.

The design incorporates the 2012 William Bennett scale and provides a remarkable evenness of tone throughout the entire compass.


Manufactured entirely by our technicians in the UK Produced from marine grade stainless steel – visually beautiful – precision engineering – refined design features – strong yet light.  

Perfected over 35 years of flute making.


All Wessel Flutes are supplied as body only (headjoint not supplied). This allows total freedom when personalising your flute and creating your voice.


Key Cups

Iconic – Cast acrylic polished touch pieces.

– Artistic – Finessed –

Comfortable under the fingers.

The Case

Beautifully handmade in the UK Our exclusive cases will not only protect your investment but will be admired as a stunning work of art in its own right.  Our cases are available in walnut, bog oak or leather-covered French style.

The Case Cover

Protective Carbon Leather cover made by Wiseman Cases included

(or alternatively Codora – where applicable) 


What People are Saying

“My Wessel flutes served me faultlessly throughout my professional career and is a joy to play.”

Ileana Ruhemann

Principal Flute BBC Concert Orchestra

“With a versatile tonal characteristic that invites the player to insert their own personality into the sound.”

Vytenis Gurstis

Sub-Principal Flute Lithuanian Opera

If you are seeking a resonant and unique sounding flute this is the one.

Dave Heath

Freelance Flute/Composer

“a musical musical instrument”

William Bennett (WIBB)

Flute Legend

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