Stephen Wessel - Flute Maker - An English Flute Maker Discusses his Work - Part 1

Stephen Wessel - Flute Maker

close up photo of a wessel flute with black keys
Each handmade flute is made individually by me in my workshop here in England. These instruments are unique in having stainless steel keywork with black keys, the reason for which is explained in the questions section. On the gallery page you can see close up examples of the high quality keywork, cases and case covers. On this website you will also find endorsements from several highly respected players and of course a guide on how to buy one of these fine and unusual flutes. If your flute is in need of a service I can carry out work on all makes.
To discover the history of my workshop and how my flute making has developed, take a look at the flute maker article, which I wrote some years ago for the British Flute Society's Pan Pan magazine. And if you are into repair work or have a leaking flute, have a look at my flute ferret. A recent project I've been working on was to build the first so-called Complex Flute, designed by Istvan Matuz, improved by Julian Elvira. It enables quarter-tones, multiphonics and sound vocabulary of many types of non-western flutes and flute-like instruments. It is now known as the Pronomos flute.